My name is Joshua St. Aubin (Josh or Joshua - I'll answer to either) and I'm an advertising/marketing professional. I started my career in 2000 as a 20 year old kid and since then have done a lot of different things while wearing many different hats - go ahead and ask me, I'm sure I've done it. My first true love is digital (after my wife and 3 kids of course) and I've had the tremendous honor of leading, directing and helping shape the digital side of several advertising agencies. Of course there's something about creating an entire campaign where traditional, digital and social (insert buzzword "omnichannel") all come together to create a magnificent symphony that gets me a little weak in the knees, but I could go on about all that for hours - I mean literally...

I've worked with a lot of different agency's, clients and businesses to help develop, plan and execute more projects and campaigns than I can remember, while creating some memorable experiences for brands that I could have only dreamed of working with. Sure I've won some awards, but more importantly, I've made my clients happy. And as we all know, happy clients are great for business.

There's so much more I could write, but I'd much rather tell you. Seriously, call me at: 727.741.0803 - I'd love to talk with you. If you don't like the phone, email me at: Not your thing? Then follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Fun Facts:

  • I served as the President of the Tampa Bay chapter of the American Advertising Federation from 2015-2016. While I was president, the club received top honors for Operations, Membership, Education and Government Relations and was named Club of the Year by both the national and district organizations. I was also named President of the Year by the national organization.
  • In the early 2000's I co-created an analytics platform for CD-ROMs, tracking things like page views, page flow and time spent on each page. It even included a backend system for receiving and parsing form data. I guess you could say I created Google Analytics before Google Analytics existed. (Google Analytics was released November 14, 2005. Trust me, I Googled it.)
  • Although I'd classify myself as a guy that runs and not necessarily a runner, to date, I've run 1 marathon, 3 triathlons and quite a few other half marathons, 15K's and 5K's. Weird enough, I've only run 1 10K.
  • I've written blog posts featured by Ted Rubin ( and B Squared Media (, been the guest on podcasts and Twitter chats and am a community manager and host of the #Luv4Social Twitter chat.